Current Students

Thomas Enzminger

Project: changes in terrestrial water storage
Degree: PhD
Tom graduated from Amherst College in 2015 with a BA in Geology and Environmental Studies. His research involves the use of vertical displacements in GPS receivers to examine changes in terrestrial water storage in the western United States. He is broadly interested in remote sensing applications to hydrology, water resource management, and drought monitoring. More Info »

Emily Fairfax

Project: How beaver dams change the residence times and flow paths of water in mountain streams
Degree: PhD
Emily graduated from Carleton College with a double major in chemistry and physics in 2014. She worked for a year as an engineer at Los Alamos National Laboratory before beginning her PhD as an NDSEG Fellow at CU Boulder. Her research interests include ecohydrology and hydrology of wetlands. Emily‚Äôs current work combines modeling, remotely sensed data, and ground measurements to quantify how beaver dams change the residence times and flow paths of water in mountain streams. This research has implications for ecosystem conservation, stream restoration, biodiversity, and water management. More Info »

Alexandra Michell

Degree: MS
Alex received a B.S. in ecology, behavior, and evolution and a minor in geology from UCLA in 2017. She began research at CU Boulder in the fall of 2017. Research interests include snow and the hydrologic cycle, water resource management, and winter recreation management. Her research at CU investigates how forest cover and slope aspect affect snow density. More Info »

Eric Smyth

Degree: MS
Eric graduated from Amherst College in 2015 with a BA in Geology and Economics. He then worked in the Oil & Gas Investment Banking group at J.P. Morgan before beginning an MS degree at CU Boulder in 2017. His research involves using data assimilation to improve model estimates of snowpack density. More Info »

Past Students

Peter Shellito

PhD, 2017, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Hydrology and Remote Sensing

Emily Carbone

MS, 2017, City of Greeley; Water Analyst

Clara Chew

PhD, 2015, UCAR COSMIC; Research Scientist

Sarah Evans

MS, 2013, Appalachian State University, Assistant Professor

Shahen Huda

MS, 2013.

Tevis Blom

MS, 2012.

Evan Pugh

PhD, 2012.

Laure Montandon

PhD, 2009, Agricultural Analyst, Nidera, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Dave Bedford

PhD, 2008, USGS, Menlo Park, CA.

Ethan Gutmann

PhD, 2008, Research Scientist, UCAR.

Phillip Jacobson

MS, 2007.

Shirley Kurc

PhD, 2006, Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources, University of Arizona.

Jim Elliott

MS, 2004, Field Tech/Life Sciences with Will Pockman at University of New Mexico.

Andrew Schmidt

MS, 2004, Superfund Remedial Project Manager for EPA (Region 8 - Denver)

John Boulanger

MS, 2004.

Eric Bhark

MS, 2002.

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