Science As Art
Karl Mueller

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Algeria subtle fold II small.jpg

Amazon radial tribs small.jpg Ayre Dunes Oz small.jpg
Algeria subtle fold II Amazon radial tribs Ayre Dunes Oz
Big Amazon Tree small.jpg cantalope dune small.jpg Chad Dune RWB tapestry small.jpg
Big Amazon Tree cantalope dune Chad Dune RWB tapestry
Chad Dune Tapestry small.jpg Chad Pluton Islands small.jpg Chile Islands II small.jpg
Chad Dune Tapestry Chad Pluton Islands Chile Islands II
Chile Islands small.jpg Dasht a Lut invert small.jpg Dasht a Lut Salt small.jpg
Chile Islands Dasht a Lut invert Dasht a Lut Salt
Galapagos small.jpg Loess Flame Tree small.jpg Mauritania Dome small.jpg
Galapagos Loess Flame Tree Mauritania Dome
Mississippi Pollack small.jpg Namib river dune small.jpg Namib river dunes II small.jpg
Mississippi Pollack Namib river dune Namib river dunes II
Paki Sulaiman folds II small.jpg Pilbara Folds small.jpg saudi dune small.jpg
Paki Sulaiman folds II Pilbara Folds saudi dune
Saudi Dune X strata small.jpg Saudi flank trees small.jpg Tarim Dunes II small.jpg
Saudi Dune X strata Saudi flank trees Tarim Dunes II
Upper Amazon invert small.jpg Upper Amazon small.jpg uppermost Amazon small.jpg
Upper Amazon invert Upper Amazon uppermost Amazon
Venezuela Basin small.jpg W Makran small.jpg W Oz Dunescape II small.jpg
Venezuela Basin W Makran W Oz Dunescape II
W Oz Dunescape III small.jpg
W Oz Dunescape III