"It was during my enchanted days of travel that the idea came to me, which, through the years, has come into my thoughts again and again and always happily - the idea that geology is the music of the earth."

Hans Cloos

Dr. Julien M. Allaz (Research Associate, manager of the electron microprobe facility)

M.Sc., University of Lausanne (Switzerland) 2003 | Ph.D., University of Bern (Switzerland) 2008

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GEOL-4700/-5700 Summer Class

"Microanalytical Techniques in Solid Materials"

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Research interests

  • Metamorphic petrology: Evolution of mineral assemblage, state of equilibrium, thermobarometry calculation (TWQ, THERIAK-DOMINO [R. Berman; C. de Capitani] and THERMOCALC [T. Holland & R. Powell]), disequilibrium process.
  • Microanalysis, isotope geochemistry: Mineral analysis (major and REE), Ar-Ar geochronology, stable oxygen isotope analysis on silicates, U-Th-Pb dating of monazite.
  • Structural geology: Crystallization-deformation-time relations, vein formation, geological maps.


Sun eclipse May 20, 2012 (c) J. Allaz

Dr. Julien M. Allaz
University of Colorado Boulder
Geological Sciences
UCB 399
2200 Colorado Avenue
Boulder, CO 80309-0399


Phone: +1 (303) 735 2413
Cell phone: +1 (413) 210 0917
Office: 222
Microprobe lab: 125

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Background picture: View on the southern Alps from Pizzo Forno (Ticino, Switzerland; J. Allaz © 2008).